Terms of Sales

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[header size= »5″ type= »single »]1. Applicable legal status of the contract[/header]

The occupancy of an apartment from the SARL Sovilome, and the tenant’s name are provided for in the contract. SARL Sovilome manages Résidences les Temporis SIRET number 350951109100015.
Head office : 7 basse-rue, 14760 BRETTEVILLE-SUR-ODON
The duration of the occupation is concluded as a temporary and pleasure residency.
The premises must not be used as a permanent or secondary residence. The tenant is not allowed to use them as commercial, professional or workshop premises.
The contract is ruled by the clauses of the civil code and by the terms and conditions listed below.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]2. Duration of the contract[/header]

The duration of the rental is confirmed in a fixed-term contract that is confirmed and signed before the beginning of the rental.
It will start at 5 PM on the first day stated in the contract, and will end at 11 AM on the last day stated in the contract.
The lease terminates when the fixed terms on the contract are expired. No notice or resignation is needed. A written request has to be submitted prior the end of the contract, and has to be approved, in order to extend the duration of the rental.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]3. Creation of the contract[/header]

The reservation of the rental is made:

• online on www.lestemporis.com or by calling Residence Les Temporis
• by making an appointment to come to Residence Les Temporis and bringing a proof of identity at the appointment
• by sending a down payment of 30% of the full amount of the rent
• by paying the remaining balance of the rent on the first day the rental, stated on the contract, before the keys of the apartment are given to the tenant
• by signing the rental contract and the walk through document that confirms that the inspection of the apartment was done.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]4. Cancellation of the contract[/header]

If the rental request is cancelled at least 30 days prior to the start of the rental, the full down payment will be reimbursed.
If the cancellation is requested less than 30 days prior to the beginning of the rental, the down payment will not be reimbursed, except if it is a case of emergency and supporting documents are provided. If the tenant cancels or does not show up on the day the rental starts, the full amount of the rent will be due.
If SARL Sovilome cancels the reservation, the full down payment will be reimbursed.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]5. Rent and security deposit[/header]
The amount of the rent, taxes, possible charges and security deposit are listed in the rental contract.
On the first day of the rental, prior to receiving the keys of the apartment, the tenant is required to pay the full amount of the rent in cash (in euros), or by card.
If the tenant does not pay the full amount of the rent prior to receiving the keys of the apartment, he will be charged an additional 20 €, that will be due the following day after the arrival.
For a stay of 30 days or more, the security deposit is $500, as stated in the contract, which is due on the first day of the rental.
For a stay of 7 days or less, the security deposit is $200, as stated in the contract.
This security deposit will cover the cost of any damage done during the rental or any missing object in the apartment, which will be mentioned during the walk through done on the last day of the rental.
Whatever the duration of the rental, the tenant is required to replace any missing, broken or damaged object (for its replacement value) or reimburse SARL Sovilome for it.
If needed, a flat fee will be charged for cleaning the premises, as stated in the contract.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]6. Bedding and cleaning [/header]

The premises must not be rented and used by more persons than the number of persons confirmed in the contract, unless the tenant gets an approved authorized request before. Otherwise, SARL Sovilome can request an additional charge for the rent, or refuse access to the premises.
A complete cleaning of the apartment is required before leaving on the last day of the rental. The tenant has the option of paying a fee starting at 52€ for the cleaning to be done after he leaves. This fee is due prior to departure.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]7. Insurance[/header]

The tenant has to be covered by a well-known insurance company. He also has to prove that he has a public liability insurance
SARL Sovilome disclaims all responsibility if the tenant’s insurance company wants to submit a claim in case of damage, loss or disaster.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]8. The tenant’s main obligations [/header]
• Not using the premises as commercial, professional or workshop premises, neither as permanent or secondary residence, but strictly using them as a temporary and pleasure residency.
• Being quiet and not bother the other tenants or the neighborhood.
• Follow the internal rules of the building.
• Occupying the premises as a professional tenant and not sub-leasing them, even for free. Otherwise, SARL Sovilome can terminate the rental contract.
• Not making any changes in the disposition of the furniture.
• Not hanging any clothes or other laundry on the balcony.
• Not touching the electrical installations in the apartment.
• Not having any pets in the apartment, unless approved ahead by SARL Sovilome, and making sure the animal does not bother the neighborhood or damage the premises.
• Letting the owners get in the apartment if need be.
• Maintain the premises and keep them clean. Otherwise, the tenant will be responsible for paying the cost of the repair, cleaning or replacement pieces.
• Not throwing his garbage on the ground of the property, but only in the appropriate garbage and containers.
• Immediately informing the owners of any damage or issue. Otherwise, the tenant will be responsible for the cost of any damage caused by his silence or late notice.
• Be responsible for any damage or loss that occurs during the rental.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]9.SARL SOVILOME’s main obligations[/header]
• Having rental premises and equipment in good condition.
• Insuring that the tenant can enjoy the place in peace and quiet.
• Maintaining the good condition of the premises for rental purposes, and taking care of any repair or replacement needed.
• Not doing any repair or renovation in the apartment during the duration of the rental, unless it is considered as necessary by the owners.
• In case of emergency and if the apartment is deemed uninhabitable, SARL Sovilome will give the possibility to the tenant to transfer to a different apartment of similar size (depending on availability).

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]10. Responsibility[/header]

The tenant disclaims all responsibility against SARL Sovilome in case of:
• Theft, intent of robbery, or all criminal acts that the tenant can be victim of in the rental premises. The tenant clearly renounce to the benefits of article 1719 paragraph 3 of the civil code. SARL Sovilome is not taking any responsibility of surveillance.
• Malfunctions or interruption of water, electricity, gas, phone, air conditioning, computer systems, community services, equipment and machines in the apartment or building
• Any damages in the apartment and its furniture, caused by leaks, infiltrations, humidity or other circumstances.
• Any acts that have an effect on the other tenants of the building
• The tenant’s late arrival in the apartment due to transportation or other issues
• Any noise or other disturbances that can come from outside the apartment
• Any accidents that happen in the apartment or the building for any reason, during the rental duration.
• Issues with the Internet or TV connection, or if the tenant’s equipment is not compatible with the equipment in the apartment.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]11. Electing domicile[/header]

In case of dispute, SARL Sovilome will elect domicile at its head office and the tenant will elect domicile at the address of the apartment he rents.

[header size= »5″ type= »single »]12. Interpretation[/header]

In case of doubt in the interpretation of the present terms and conditions, the French version will prevail over the English version.